C’est moi!


So I’ve done it; I’ve jumped head first into the seemingly endless pool of online social networking. I can make a fb status about Google+, pinterest a cute picture from facebook, tweet about pinterest, “hey y’all” message about my oh-so-humorous tweet, and then lay down gasping as my poor English-major mind spins from too much electronic exposure, and I have to read a Victorian novel cover-to-cover as penance.

All this to say: I now have a blog, too! It was created to (primarily) document my semester studying abroad in Tours, France in Fall, 2011, but I didn’t really do a great job updating the site (things such as: awesome food, a French boy, and a distinct lack of wifi made it difficult). However, my recent plunge into the world of cooking (and cooking blogs!) inspired me to start again.

I’m a Southern girl, born and raised in Alabama, currently writing for a community newspaper in the Deep South. I have a borderline-creepy obsession with Bob Dylan, the day just doesn’t start off right with out a giant cup of coffee, I am quite fond of parenthesis (as you’ve most likely noticed), and I love reading about fashion even though you’ll probably find me doing so in yoga pants (I love that too. Yoga, that is).

My favorite thing in the world besides my heavy metal drummer of a husband is traveling (top contenders: trashy television and pints of Ben&Jerry’s Half Baked), and it’s second only to Target as far as money-sucking goes. Airports give me energy (I’d gladly fly for fun), different cultures excite me (exception: Turkish style toilets), and new experiences make life worth it, you know? I have a penchant for road trips with really awesome playlists, bad-for-you snacks and interesting hotels. I’ve always wanted to sleep on a bench for a night, but have a place to blow-dry my hair in the morning, and I’ll try anything at least once if you tell me it’s authentic.

Stick around, baby, we’re not through!


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